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Revamp Your Outdoor Space with DreamzAR 5.0, the latest version of AI Landscape Design App

DreamzAR - AI Landscape Design App
DreamzAR - AI Landscape Design App

Introducing DreamzAR's Most Transformative Update Yet!

We've taken your feedback to heart, and this major release is all about giving you the tools to bring your dreams to life. We're pleased to announce DreamzAR 5.0 - AI Landscape Design App for iPhone and iPad which is packed with new exciting features. In this blog post, we will go over everything that we have bundled into this major update.

In DreamzAR 5.0, we've focused on harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology to turn your creative visions into reality. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a passionate enthusiast, this version is tailored to empower your creativity like never before. In this blog post, we're going to dive deep into the myriad of enhancements and brand-new features that make up this substantial update.

TL;DR; See DreamzAR in action. Download DreamzAR 5.0 on Apple App Store.

Streamlined Landscape Design Experience

We've rebuilt our user interface with simplicity in mind, making it easier than ever for you to create stunning designs. We are very proud to have built this version by carefully listening to your experience using the app, and how you wanted us to make it better.

One Place for All Landscape Design Tools

DreamzAR app has been on a mission to bring the latest and greatest technological advancements to landscape design processes. Our goal is has been to package new technologies like AI and AR into easy to use app, so that you can visualize your dreams.

DreamzAR App is the One Place for All Landscape Design Tools
DreamzAR App is the One Place for All Landscape Design Tools

DreamzAR offers four tools for landscape design:

1. 2D Landscape Design With Photos

Start with the photo of your yard, and design a landscape by choosing from 2000+ plants, shrubs, trees, ground covers like mulch, lawn, turf, paving stones and garden elements like pergola, bench, fences and arbors.

2. AI Landscape Design Stylist With Photos

Transform your yard's photos into new landscape designs. Use as a standalone tool or as companion tool to 2D Landscape Design Editor

3. AI Landscape Design Idea Generator (No photos needed)

Use the power of generative AI to generate never seen before landscape designs. Great tool to quickly explore some bold designs, and learn more about specific garden design styles of your interest

4. 3D Landscape Design With Augmented Reality

Explore immersive landscape design process in your yard, in real time, using life-size 3D models of plants, shrubs and garden design elements like pergola, benches and fences. Lay ground covers using built-in textures for lawn, mulch, paving stones and more,

Never Lose Your Work with Auto-Save

We know it takes time to create a landscape design, and requires you immersing yourself into it. You definitely don't want to lose your designs due to unexpected circumstances. If device loses power or iOS terminates app for any reason, we're making sure you don't lose all the hard work you put into the design. DreamzAR's auto-save feature ensures your projects are safe, even in unexpected situations.

DreamzAR app's 2D landscape design project saves your project automatically as you continue to work on your project.

Object Placement Tools

In 2D design project editor, we have made sure access to object inventory is frictionless. Finding plants or shrubs that you need is quick. Juse use the searchbox. If you don't find what you're looking for, just let us know and we will make evert attempt to inlude it in the next release.

Improved Ground Cover Texture Application

The latest version includes a robust object drawing tools which allow you to draw on an image with ease. Applying textures to drawn areas is easier than ever. In addition, we have addressed the issues around Visual quality and accuracy of drawn ground cover areas. We're certain you'll notice and appreciate the quality improvements when compared to prior versions.

Streamlined Editing Tools

We have taken every effort to minimize the page-scrolls, pop-ups, moving away from main design window to ensure you can do more with small screens. We are confident that design experience with DreamzAR is as smooth as it could get. Not only we made existing tools more accessible, but we also took this opportunity to add more tools.

DreamzAR has Streamlined Editing Tools for creating landscape designs.
DreamzAR has Streamlined Editing Tools for creating landscape designs.

Smoother Inventory Search

Now you can search for a specific plant that you're looking for with its common name or a scientific name using a very simple search button. Your most recently used items also appear on the main page so that adding them multiple times becomes much easier.

Search what you're looking for in a catalog of 2000+ items.
Search what you're looking for in a catalog of 2000+ items.

AI Landscape Design Tools

One of the major improvements in DreamzAR 5.0 is smooth integration of all AI tools with 2D Landscape Design. We have been working making Generative AI technology work for landscape design processes and we're proud to have delivered one major step towards fulfilling our vision. We have now a collection of AI tools which deliver amazing landscape design renders overlaid on top of your yard photo.

Seamless AI Landscape Design Stylist Integration

You can start composing a landscape design in 2D Design Project editor, select from a catalog of 2000+ plants, garden features, ground covers and quickly consult with AI Landscape Design Stylist for more ideas. Once you're with AI landscape design stylist you have the power of generative AI to inject fresh ideas into your existing design. Iterate as much as you want and once you're happy with the generated design, insert it back into your 3D design project.

Inject creativity in your 2D Landscape Designs with AI Landscape Design Stylist
Inject creativity in your 2D Landscape Designs with AI Landscape Design Stylist

Precision and Control with Manual Area Selection

Pass complete control to AI for quick exploration or retain control for more advanced creations. With Auto and Manual mode for design area selection, you have option to choose one over other or use both options iteratively to create designs.

Iterate over AI Generated Designs

Generative AI can run you through amazing possibilities of what you could do in your yard. whether you're exploring low-water-landscapes or want to create relaxin private courtyard, you can try hundreds of designs on the photo of your yard. App offers literally thousands of combinations of landscape design elements that you can mix and match to create unique, never seen before landscape design idea proposal. The best part is: Its rendered on the photo of your yard so it means you don't just imaginem you actually visualize the design. Having a landscape design overlaid on top of your own yard is very powerful tool to help you bring your dreams to life.

Get Larger design images with up-scaling feature

Our AI-generated design images can now be upscaled up to 4x their original size. You can now share or save the images in larger resolutions.

Upscale your designs for printing or sharing
Upscale your designs for printing or sharing

Zoom and Pan functions for a closer look

Take a closer look at the AI generated landscape design using Zoom and pan functions. Just simply tap on the "magnifying glass" icon.

Try DreamzAR today for endless Design Possibilities

Seamlessly integrate AI into your designs, explore new ideas, and bring your visions to life like never before. With AI-generated designs upscaled and enhanced, your final creations will have that professional touch. Our mission is to give you the tools which can create the actionable outcomes. You should be able to take the generated designs and bring your vision to life.

DreamzAR's major release is here to make your creative journey smoother and more rewarding. Update now and experience the benefits firsthand. Your dreams, our tools—your imagination, your reality.

Download DreamzAR on the Apple App Store

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