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Free Garden Landscape Design App for iPad and iPhone

DreamzAR app is a garden landscape design app, currently available for iPhone and iPad. Homeowners use it to visualize their own unique landscape design ideas. DreamzAR App has multiple ways to get you started on Landscape Design Ideas.

In this article, we will quickly go over what does this app offer in its free version.

Try with Free Version before you subscribe

DreamzAR app offers monthly or annual subscription. But before you subscribe DreamzAR app offers a free trial.

Free Version

Free Trial gives you access to all the design tools. Our goal is to ensure you get to explore every aspect of DreamzAR app before you make a decision to subscribe. So, we decided to include at least one element from each of the categories of the design element catalog.

Plants & Garden Design Elements

DreamzAR app bundles following items in the free version so that you can blend multiple design elements to create your first landscape design.

1. Shrubs & Plants

Inkberry, Lenten Rose, Feather Grass, Desert Agave, Blood-twig Dogwood

2. Large Trees

Maple, Red Maple, Ohio Buckeye, Subalpine Fir, White Fir, Grand Fir, King Palm, Mediterranean Palm, Hornbeam

3. Garden Elements

Fence Panel (Wooden), Large Boulder

4. Ground covers

Turf, Black Mulch, River Rocks, Calstone Cameron Cream Pavers


Let's review what features are available for your to try. If you're a DIY person, you'll love what DreamzAR app has to offer. Here is what's included in the free trial:

2D Landscape Design with Photos

Simply take a new photo of your home's front or backyard, and start your new design. Here is a how to video on getting started with 2D Landscape Design with Photos.

Check app's Settings -> Tutorials section for more videos.

3D Landscape Design with Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality brings real-life design elements like plants, benches, pergolas, arbors and even ground covers to design pad.

Check app's Settings -> Tutorials section for more videos.

Landscape Design Idea Generator Tool with AI

This is the latest feature of DreamzAR App. To get you started with new ideas, you can use this idea generator tool. By simply providing what would you like to see in your landscape design, you can generate tens of new designs. Each of these designs are generated using AI. They are unique, and don't exist yet. They are a lot of fun, and they will definitely inspire you to visualize your home's outdoor space differently. Try it!

Free Trial includes 10 credits for the tool. 1 credit = 1 Idea.

Today's Inspiration Ideas Board

App includes completely free access to Today's Inspiration Ideas Board where you can browse thousands of landscape designs and draw inspiration for your own projects. Save the ideas to ideas lists for future and use them in your own design projects.

Try DreamzAR today

You'll love what you see in the app. Re-imagine your garden in a whole different way.

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