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Introducing Today's Inspiration -A new Landscape Design Ideas Board

Earlier this month, we introduced AI-assisted Idea Generator Tool. With few taps, you can generate brand new landscape designs that don't exist yet. DreamzAR App Customers have been using this new tool to turn their imaginations to unique ideas.

Today we're happy to announce a new idea board, that draws inspiration from all the new designs our customers are helping create.

Introducing Today's Inspiration

It's a place where you can draw inspiration from other's work.

Browse thousands of landscape design ideas, each marked with what's in the design idea.

You can do more with Today's Inspiration in DreamzAR App

DreamzAR App includes the "Today's Inspiration" as well. Browse the design ideas, save the ones you liked in idea lists or share it with your landscaping pros for further conversation. Get your creative juices flowing!

Want to create your own ideas?

You can create your own ideas with DreamzAR App. You can explore new ideas using idea generator tool bundled in DreamzAR App.

DIY Landscape Design using DreamzAR App

If you're looking for new ideas to re-imagine your home's backyard or front yard, try DreamzAR App. With 2D and 3D Design Tools, you can start visualizing your thoughts using just your phone.

2D Landscape Design Studio

Take a new photo with device's camera or use a photo from your library. Choose garden design elements from a catalog of 2000+ design elements. DreamzAR App includes plants, shrubs, trees, benches, fences, beautiful arbors and pergolas, landscaping boulders and many more. We also have many textures which can be used as ground covers like different kinds of mulch, lawn, decorative river rocks, and many more.

3D Landscape Design with Augmented Reality

A fresh look at landscape design using Augmented Reality. Visualize your landscape design idea with life-size garden design elements. DreamzAR App includes life size plants, trees, and other garden elements. You can walk around them, take a closer look.

AI-Powered Landscape Design Idea Generator Tool

DreamzAR App has multiple ways to get you going on landscape design. Get started today.

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