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DreamzAR: Landscape Design App for modern landscapers

At ImmEx Technologies, we are driven by mission to bring modern tech to new industries. When your business upgrades to new tools built using modern tech, you improve the efficiency of existing processes, resulting into faster delivery of your services or goods. Customer feel delighted as they receive speedier service they hoped for. New tools remove friction if any, in the existing processes creating efficient feedback loop between businesses and their customers.

We have been exploring applications of immersive technologies like augmented reality and virtual reality to improve existing processes.

How about residential landscaping industry?

Landscape Design is one of the most creative industries creating beautiful outdoor spaces around homes. Landscapers have used variety of design tools (paper/pencil based, PC based software and more). All of these tools have simplified overall process of creating, sharing and actually delivering the projects as per clients' needs.

But as a landscape contractor or a designer, if you're wondering if there is something you can do to reduce total time required to close the deal since the first client meeting?

As a landscape contractor, you routinely answer your prospects' requirements, questions and spend good chunk of time iterating over designs, you will probably wonder how do I speed up this process.

We wondered what if there is a design tool that sits in your pocket, or in your hands (if you're using an iPad) .

What if your customers can visualize their landscaping projects, make suggestions and you're able to iterate over design quickly?

We talked to many landscape designers and contractors, and learnt what exactly they would like to see in such tool.

Key requirements came up:


From start to end, the entire process becomes flexible when you can use existing devices like smart phone or a tablet for creating and sharing landscape design.

Use of property photos

Ability to take property pictures, and use them in the design. This is very important requirement. Clients can make informed decisions about what they are looking for, and make those decisions faster when they see the new design overlaid on top of their property pictures.

Quick design revisions

When you share design revisions with the prospects, they get excited about newer possibilities and can provide their views/opinions. As a pro, you need an ability to iterate quickly over designs, and speed up the feedback loop with the clients. What you need is each project saved, shared and revisited based on client's feedback.

Modern toolset

Many design software are PC based with archaic interfaces, based on older technology. What you're looking for is new tech that can utilize advances in hardware and software frameworks. The design software need to keep up with continuous advancements in the technology and absorb those changes in the newer versions.

Quality of the generated designs

Beautiful designs captures client's attention, opening up new possibilities. It's highly likely that clients will start seeing the new possibilities that didn't exist before.

DreamzAR: Landscape Design App for modern landscape designers and contractors

We have been iterating over DreamzAR app based on the key requirements above and fine tuning it based on our customers' feedback. We recently launched v2.3 release and it comes packed with all the necessary tools, and garden design elements you'll need.

Here is quick introductory video of what's DreamzAR is capable of.

Two ways to creating beautiful landscape designs

Use Augmented Reality (AR)

This is an immersive experience. It's very useful when you're onsite at your client's property and want to show them in real time how the design would look like. You can walk them through the life-size landscape elements.

Use photos of the front yard or back yard

You can take pictures of your client's property or have them send the pictures of their front or back-yard. You can now work on the design using these photos at your work place and share designs directly from the app using text/email or save it to Photos on your device.

Try DreamzAR today

DreamzAR app is designed to be a landscape designer and contractor's companion tool for yard or garden designs. We will continue to enhance DreamzAR to ensure it adds value to your business.

DreamzAR app is free to try. If you think it adds value to your business, you've flexible subscriptions to choose from. You can start with monthly subscription and switch to annual (save 25%) subscription.

Try it out today by downloading it on Apple App Store.

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