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Launching DreamzAR 2.0 : Create landscape designs with Photos

DreamzAR 1.0 was launched back in February 2022 introducing a modern take at landscape design, using Augmented Reality technology. By blending 3D virtual plants, shrubs, trees, garden elements like pergolas, arbors, benches, fences and ground cover textures like lawn, mulch, landscaping rocks and paving stones, it provided fully immersive experience for landscape design.

Homeowners have been using DreamzAR 1.0 and subsequent versions to visualize what they are imagining for their home's outdoor space. It made is extremely easy to think of a new possibility and create it just using iPhone or iPad. Homeowners are able to describe their ideas visually, and felt confident about their projects, when they showed their landscape contractors what they want to accomplish in specific landscaping projects.

As homeowners enjoyed DreamzAR, we kept receiving feedback from landscape designers and contractors that they have some challenges using the app primarily for one reason: The app works only when its onsite. For example, a PRO would like to survey the property/yard where the project is going to take place, take pictures, go back to their office/home, create designs and share the proposals with their clients. This workflow is very typical of all the landscaping pros and DreamzAR app couldn't help in this workflow. Its Augmented Reality technology requires the users to be onsite, at their client's property. This is not practical for landscaping pros.

This was the number one feature request we got : Make it possible to use existing photos for landscape design.

and here we are.. ready with DreamzAR v2.0. Now supporting photos for landscape design.

Introducing Landscape Design with Photos

How does it work?

It's simple. Just use an existing photo of home's front or backyard, or take a new photo with DreamzAR app. and use all existing landscaping elements - plants, shrubs, trees, garden elements like benches, fences, pergolas, arbors and ground covers like mulch, lawn, landscaping rocks and paving stones. That's it!

Here is a quick video showing how simple it is to use this new feature.

DreamzAR is a companion tool for landscaping pros, which complements their existing workflows of landscape design, enabling them to share design proposals directly from iPhone or iPad.

With v2.0, we've also introduced two simple subscription plans. Monthly and Yearly. You can start with a monthly plan, and if you find its adding value to your business, switch to Yearly plan, where you can save 25%.

Download DreamzAR today on Apple App Store

Download DreamzAR today on Apple App Store

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