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Announcement: DreamzAR App for DIY landscape design is now available on Apple App Store

TL;DR We've an exciting announcement to make. DreamzAR is now available on Apple App Store. You can use it with iPhone or iPad. Go ahead, give it at try!

As a homeowner, you now have a new way to design outdoor space around you. With DreamzAR app, you can use your iPhone or iPad’s camera for landscape designing. Design your home’s driveway, front yard or backyard using augmented reality technology or AR. App includes following features:

  • Built in tool to measure the area and perimeter of the physical surfaces as you mark the work area outline. No tape measure needed at all

  • Ground cover textures like mulch, lawn grass and artificial turf

  • Collection of various colored and textured paving stones to add to landscape design

  • Collection of high quality plants, shrubs and grasses for your landscape design

  • Collection of variety of garden features like picket fences, benches, arbors and pergolas

  • Save projects for later review and edits

  • Take screenshot of your work and save it to device

  • Share the completed project design with your landscaping pro and make your dream project a reality.

When you buy the app, you get:

  • High quality 3D Models of

    • 6 Draught friendly grasses

    • 18 Shrubs (Draught friendly, Pollinator friendly, Flowering plants)

  • High quality detailed textures for 50 Pavers patterns, 4 ground covers (Mulch/Lawn)

  • High quality 12 Garden features like picket fences, benches and arbors.

Why DreamzAR app?

DreamzAR puts power of creativity into your hands. Technology like AR makes it possible to create very exciting immersive experiences. DreamzAR app uses this technology to let you create landscape designs of your dreams. If you dream it, you can visualize it and share it with the landscaping pro.

Here are some of the reasons why you should use DreamzAR app to create new landscape designs:

Designing landscapes in real time, and interacting with it

Augmented Reality or AR, makes it possible to build interactive design experience by using life size 3D models of garden elements like plants, wooden features like pergolas, benches, arbors, picket fences and ground covers like lawn, mulch and pavers. You can create landscape design in real time, and interact with the 3D models placed on the scene. Interaction often involves taking a closer look at the textures, determining the best place for plants and other objects. You can easily swap out 3D models that you don't want and bring in other objects.

Power of virtually trying on landscaping products in real time, in your environment

I know it's time consuming to visit a stone yard or Home Depot or an online store to order samples and try them out in your backyard. Save your time with DreamzAR app! One of the key features of the app is that you can try out various landscaping products in your environment without having to bring samples from your favorite store. and then there are some products for which you don't have samples : Pergolas, Arbors, Benches, Picket fences. Try life size digital versions in your landscape design.

Measure sq. footage or linear footage of your surroundings effortlessly

No more tape measure. Just the DreamzAR App. Simply walk around your work area, and measure the area by dropping boundary markers at desired places. One of the key advantages of this method is you can measure area of irregular shapes. For example, a curved patio design you may have on your mind. You can determine exact sq. and linear footage of curved areas. This helps you determining how much material you'll need to do the project.

Design, save and iterate over your landscaping projects till you are satisfied

Start with a design that's on your mind, and work on it as it suits you. You can save the designs and return to them whenever you want. DreamzAR app saves all the elements of the design, and brings them back for you to continue iterating over the design.

Work with your landscaping pro with confidence

When you can visualize your design, you can have better conversation with your landscaping pro. You can exactly tell what you're looking for. Take the screenshots of your design or video recording and share with your landscaping pro. Now, you can work with them with confidence and sign the contract knowing what you're getting.

Wanna give it a try? Go ahead and get the app

When I founded ImmEx Technologies in November 2021, I envisioned a company that builds software applications by applying modern tools and technology to make traditional processes more efficient, less time consuming, and accessible to more people. My goal has been to build tools that make a substantial difference in the way people live, work and play.

With this goal is mind, I'm delighted to launch our first utility app DreamzAR app - DIY landscape design for homeowners and landscaping pros. If you're Do-It-Yourself (DIY) person at your home, this is a must tool for you to try.

Thank you so much for supporting me, and ImmEx Technologies by joining our journey. I'm excited for this milestone and looking forward to bringing delightful products to you.



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