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Landscape design idea: Paved driveway with DreamzAR app

In the last blog post, we explored an idea of designing home's front yard. In this blog post, we will learn how to use DreamzAR App to quickly transform your driveway with beautifully textured pavers.

We will start with a typical 2-car driveway in a suburban home like the one pictured below. It's concrete drive way and we want to convert it to a paved driveway. For this design, we will use Calstone pavers.

Choose Driveway design project from DreamzAR app menu.

Walk slowly around the driveway with phone's camera pointing towards the flat surface. App uses augmented reality and needs to detect flat surface. It uses detected flat surface to lay out different landscape elements.

Once it's done scanning the surroundings, it will be ready to begin design work in realtime.

This paved driveway design includes a main paved area in between with paved border on either sides. We will use two different kinds of pavers for the main area and the border.

Let's begin by designing the border (1ft width). Tap icon to add ground cover. and select "Add ground cover". Blue sphere appears on the screen and it indicates a point on the flat surface you want to define a boundary point. You can imagine this border to be a rectangle of width 1 ft and length same as length of the driveway. Drop four boundary markers to create a bounded rectangle. Tap "Done".

Tap icon to select texture, and pickup one of the paver textures for our border.

Then, draw another bounded rectangular area that represents the main area of the driveway. In this example, it measures about 242 sq. ft. Choose one of the pavers for this area and apply.

You can align the pavers as you see fit. Place two fingers on the screen and make rotation gesture.

Done! This is how our first design looks like.

Want to try different pavers? No problem, just pick another one from the catalog.

Try another paver color?

Once we finalize our design, it would be good to get estimated cost of this project. Here is a sample quote generated by the app.

Here is a quick video of overall design and visualization process.

Ready to give it a try?

We're running limited time public beta program for DreamzAR app. The app is not yet launched so its not available on the App store. This is a great opportunity to help shape the future of the technology as we launch the app.

Drop us a note at or learn more at

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