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Design, plan and share landscaping project from your smartphone

As a landscape designer or landscaping pro, you know what it takes to win client's confidence in your first visit. Homeowners want to know how their project will actually look like before they sign the contract. This is where DreamzAR app comes handy.

In the series of blog posts in next few weeks, we plan to share how to use DreamzAR app to bring a landscape design to life. Let's begin with the front yard landscaping project.


Here is a front yard that we see in a typical suburban residential communities. It has a drive way, a small patch of lawn with a hedge close to main entrance.

Original front yard before re-designing
Original front yard before re-designing

Suppose the homeowner wants put together a simple design with a white picket fence - they are just elegant and bring such a cozy feeling to the landscape.

Let's see how you, as a landscaping pro, can bring this idea to life, right in front of your client.

  • Project Design

    • Begin the landscape design project

    • Map the project area

    • Add a white picket fence

    • Add black mulch

    • Select plants

    • Select garden features (Arbor, Wooden bench)

  • Project Walkthrough

    • Share project walkthrough video with your client

  • Project Quote

    • Share the project quote with your client


Let's start working on the front yard. With DreamzAR app on my iPhone, select Landscape design project.

DreamzAR App uses augmented reality technology. First thing app does when you start the landscaping project, is to map your surroundings detecting the ground (horizontal surface). It uses this information to help you lay ground covers (mulch or lawn), fences and plants.


Map the project area

Walk around the front yard, pointing your phone's camera towards the ground. As you move around slowly, the app will recognize flat surfaces around you. As soon as it maps the surroundings, it will allow you to design your project.


Add a white picket fence

App presents a catalog of various garden elements like wooden fences, pergolas, arbors and benches.

Let's place our first picket fence panel from the list. As you tap on one of the white picket fence panels, it places it on the ground in front of you.

You can move it in its desired place by simply touching it or use rotating gesture (two fingers on it, and make rotation gesture on the phone screen).

(Below) Here are our first two white picket fence panels placed in the desired spot.

We'll continue to add more panels, and put them in desired layout.


Add black mulch

Next, we'll work on laying out black mulch next to the picket fence. Tap 􀏱􀏱􀏱icon to add ground cover and draw a rectangular area next to the picket fence.

Choose black mulch from catalog of ground covers.

Here is another look at the picket fence with the black mulch laid out in the front.

Now that we have laid mulch next to the picket fence, we will choose some flowering plants for the front yard.

DreamzAR app presents a collection of high quality plants.


Select plants

DreamzAR presents a catalog of high quality plants. We will continue to add more.

I picked few coreopsis-verticillata (Tickseed) plants for their bright yellow colored blooms and hebe-marjorie (Shrubby Veronica) for its purple blooms. Both plants add beautiful color to this front yard.

On the right side of the front yard, I picked taller Nerium Oleander for its lush and evergreen leaves and beautiful pink/purple blossoms. Here is how the the front yard is now looking with these plants added

A close look at this corner.

Add Garden features like benches and arbors

Let's add a wooden bench to the front yard. It's a nice touch, and provides a very warm, welcoming feel to the garden.

and now we will finish out design with an arbor. This is how our final design looks.

Front yard designed with DreamzAR

and now, here comes the best part.


Share project walkthrough video with your client

Impress your client with full walkthrough of your design. Clients will love what they will see. It's a just a different experience to walk around the projected design.

How does it look? As you saw, you can not only design entire project, but also share it with your clients with confidence. Your clients will love to see what they are actually buying when they will sign the contract. This is the magic of augmented reality technology.

One more thing...!


Share the project quote with your client

You can simply generate a quote from the app itself (feature not yet out for testing) and share it with your client along with the photos/videos of the project.

Ready to give it a try?

We're running limited time public beta program for DreamzAR app. The app is not yet launched so its not available on the App store. This is a great opportunity to help shape the future of the technology as we launch the app.

Drop us a note at or learn more at

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