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DreamzAR App v1.6 is available on Apple App Store

We're constantly listening to our customers' feedback, noting down every problem they have run into, and then thinking about how we can improve DreamzAR experience to make it a delightful experience.

We take our customer's feedback very seriously, and actively include the enhancements in newer versions.

With multiple enhancements, DreamzAR v1.6 is now available on Apple App Store for download.

This latest version of the DreamzAR app has the following updates:

New Onboarding experience

We've improved your onboarding experience with "How To" videos. Onboarding includes an optional step-by-step guided tour of the App where you can practice your landscape design skills with the tools provided by DreamzAR. If you're new to AR, this is a great place to start playing with the app, and get familiar with its tools.

New Help resources, in-app and on website

Enhanced In-app Help page with new content, easier ways to reach out to us in case you run into any problems when using the app. Help page includes quick access to onboarding pages (Demo Videos) and step by step hands-on tutorial. It also includes links to DreamzAR YouTube Channel, and DreamzAR Twitter.

Miscellaneous Usability Experience enhancements

Step by Step hands-on tutorial is extended to include all features the app has to offer, including how to remove previously placed 3D Plants and Garden Elements in the design.

Bug Fixes

  • When starting a new landscape design project, a blank screen appears (Video feed is dark). This issue has been fixed. It can happen if the app doesn't have access to device camera. Now, app detects this condition and shows an alert to grant camera access.


New Blog Page, Support and Feedback pages

To support out customers better, we have enhanced DreamzAR App website to include:

Hope you enjoy the latest release.

If you run into any issues, please reach out to us. We will work with you to resolve your issues. Tell us about your experience with the latest DreamzAR version at new feedback page.

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