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Is there an app for garden design?

Short answer is yes. There is an app for garden design. For long answer, read on.

Your home's garden should reflect your personality, blended with plants and shrubs native to your region. Where do you start when you want a garden that not only looks beautiful but also provides a getaway from the day to day hustle and bustle of life?

Whether you are starting from the scratch or thinking of giving a makeover to your home's outdoor space, wouldn't it be fun to try out few things before we figure out what exactly we want?

Augmented Reality Technology

You might have seen how technology is helping us to try furniture virtually in our living rooms so that we get a good sense of how would it look along with other physical things in the room. Whether you're buying a pair of sunglasses or clothing, now you have a way to try them on before you make buying decision.

Augmented Reality or simply, AR is the technology behind this. It overlays virtual things (like clothing, furniture, makeup shades etc) on real world (like our bodies, faces, or our living rooms).

Virtual try-on for landscape design

DreamzAR App uses Augmented Reality to provide virtual try-on experience to landscape design. How does it do it?

  1. Open DreamzAR App and start by scanning your home's outdoor space you want to redesign

  2. Walk slowly pointing your device's camera towards the ground. App looks for flat horizontal surfaces.

  3. From its catalog of 3D models of plants, and shrubs pick something that you're familiar with, and place it on the detected horizontal surface. Tap the placed plant, and move it around with your fingers. Rotate it with two fingers.

  4. Try placing different plant. DreamzAR App has variety of plants to choose from - draught friendly plants, pollinator friendly plants, or evergreen hedges.

  5. Add other garden features like fence panels or a bench. you can even go further, and add an arbor.

DreamzAR App has collection of high quality 3D models of plants.

Interacting with your design

As you create the design, you can walk around and take a closer look at the plants, rotate them to change their orientation, move them around and replace them with other plants. You can take a step back and take a picture or use device's screen recording feature to record the video as you walk through your new design.

This is new way of trying on landscape design before you actually break the ground. You can share the photos/videos with the landscaping contractor to give them a better idea of what you're lookin for.

Getting more out of DreamzAR

As you add plants, garden features or ground covers like mulch or lawn, DreamzAR app can give you estimate of your project. It's an estimate, not exact price you'll pay as the actual cost depends on few more factors like seasonal labor costs, additional special tasks landscaping contractor may have to take care, which are specific to your project. But it's a great start to know the general budget for your project.

Download DreamzAR app today and try it out. You'll like what you'll see. Tell us in the comments below about your experience using DreamzAR App.

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