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DIY Landscape Design with DreamzAR - a quick guide

With the latest release of DreamzAR App, we have included step by step guide for virtually trying on different landscape designs for your home. In this blog, we quickly run through these steps and familiarize ourselves with the tools and functions provided by DreamzAR App.

DreamzAR is A DIY Landscape Design Tool which uses Augmented Reality or AR. Using AR, it lets you place virtual objects in your yard - plants, ground covers (lawn, mulch, pavers etc), fence and few more garden elements.

Lets quickly go through the five important steps you can take to create a landscape design.

1. Scan the work area

DreamzAR App uses device camera to map the space around you. Hold the device with its camera pointing to the ground, and slowly walk around the yard. The app highlights the detected surface with gray overlay. Try to cover your work area with this gray overlay by walking slowly, and moving the device simultaneously - while pointing the device camera towards the ground.

At first, this may be tricky, but I can guarantee you that you'll get hang of it. DreamzAR includes a step-by-step, self-guided tutorial as well - which you can use to practice as much you want

2. Optionally add ground covers

You can choose Lawn, mulch and pavers as ground covers for your project. You can add more than one ground covers to create unique designs as per your taste.

3. Select plants, and other garden elements like fence, bench and arbors

DreamzAR has collection of over 36 plants (and we add new plants in the collection regularly). Choose from drought friendly (plants which require very less water, and can survive drought conditions), or pollinator friendly flowering plants or evergreen shrubs for the hedge around your yard.

DreamzAR app also has a collection of garden elements like white picket fence, arbor, pergola and benches.

4. Get project estimates

DreamzAR app makes it easy to generate project cost estimates. It uses he square footage of the ground covers and general pricing of the materials, plants and garden elements. This is an estimate and should be used to get a ballpark number to get a general idea of overall cost. Actual cost depends on local labor market conditions, seasonal pricing and additional factors like location of the project, and additional tasks landscape contractor may have to perform to finish the project.

Estimates are updated as you update your design, in real time.

5. Save work in progress and resume later

Landscape Design is an iterative process. You may want to save your work in progress, and come back to it later.

When saving project, point your device's camera to a prominent object in your work area - something that won't change/move. DreamzAR app uses it as reference point when it loads the project.

When you load saved project, walk around the the prominent object, pointing device's camera to it. DreamzAR will automatically load the design, and you can continue working on it.


DreamzAR App makes Garden Design a fun activity. All you need to bring is your creativity. Try-on multiple designs, visualize how you want your home's outdoor space to be. and turn it into a reality.

Try DreamzAR App today.

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