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January 2024 Update

The new year began with the rollout of new AI Model which is a heart of our yard design service. To get into little bit of technical details, we upgraded our core image generation engine from Stable Diffusion 1.5 to Stable Diffusion XL. There are several reasons for this upgrade

Stable Diffusion model has been trained on smaller images (up to 512 pixels) and it works great when you're generating images up to 512 pixels wide or tall. But if you're interested in higher resolutions, then we see some limitations introduced in the quality of the renderings. Upscaling the image to higher resolution is yet another approach, usually taken after the image generation. While this produces reasonable results, it's time consuming as it adds an extra step.

Higher Resolution of AI Generated Landscape Designs

Experience the high quality of generated yard designs

Generative AI Models (for image generation) are trained on variety of image data scraped from the internet. While it does excellent job of translating text (prompt) into pixels (images), it has "hallucination" problem where it will generate unexpected pixels. You'll notice some unwanted artifacts in the generated designs. While cleverly written text (prompt) and tuning parameters control the hallucination effect, it can run into this issue time to time. One of the main reasons to upgrade to new AI model is to take advantage of the new model architecture which reduces the hallucination effect, and reduce the guardrails one has to put to convince AI model to generate what's exactly asked. 

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