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Just imagine a new landscape around your home with DreamzAR App : Idea #2

DreamzAR app is DIY Landscape Design Tool exclusively available on Apple App Store.

With it's latest release, you can experience entire app for free.

See the magic unfolding in front of your eyes.

DreamzAR App includes following features:

  • Built in tool to measure the area and perimeter of the physical surfaces as you mark the work area outline. No tape measure needed at all

  • Ground cover textures like mulch, lawn grass and artificial turf

  • Collection of various colored and textured paving stones to add to landscape design

  • Collection of high quality plants, shrubs and grasses for your landscape design

  • Collection of variety of garden features like picket fences, benches, arbors and pergolas

  • Save projects for later review and edits

  • Take screenshot of your work and save it to device

  • Share the completed project design with your landscaping pro and make your dream project a reality.

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