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How to use AR for garden design?

Augmented Reality or AR, is a technology that superimposes virtual world onto our real world blending the boundaries between the two worlds. AR has found its applications in many fields.

AR makes it possible to enable people to try new things in a new way, never imagined before. The new world of mixed reality offers more inclusive, more safe and enhanced version of our real world. Such mixed reality pushes our boundaries of imaginations. It certainly feels like a super-power when you can see, hear, and do things which are not possible in real world.

The good news is that, the AR, a fairly new technology, is currently available to all of us via most widely used device, a smart phone. Smart Phones are becoming ubiquitous extensions of our selves. Availability of AR on smart phones opens up new possibilities for everybody.

How can we take advantage of AR to enhance our lives?

What you can imagine with AR is limitless. We can apply AR to improve the way we work, live and play.

You might be familiar with IKEA PLACE app which allows you to visualize IKEA catalog item in your living room. We chose to apply AR to home's exterior space - front yard or back yard or a side yard. Home's outdoor space reflects your personality and taste. We can use AR to visualize the designs even before you break the ground.

How can we use AR for landscape design?

AR is a technology that's used in real-time. It blends real and virtual world in front of you. Smart phone or tablet's screen is a window through which you see the augmented world.

When we chose to apply AR for landscape design purposes, we understood what AR can do and cannot do. The entire experience is designed such that AR is used as a technology to solve a specific problem, visualization of the design you're imagining.

So, how do we do landscape design with AR?

Start with the space you want to transform. In this blog, we're designing a new front yard.

Scan the space by walking around with your device's camera pointing to the ground

Let the DreamzAR app detect the flat surfaces around you. Select the flat surface you want to work with. (In most cases, there will be only one surface detected.) It's likely the app detects multiple surfaces, so if you continue to scan, app will combine all the surfaces detected into one contiguous surface.

Start adding design elements. In this design, we're creating a fenced front yard with little patch of lawn, with flowering plants on the border.

and finally, get a cost estimate for this project. DreamzAR provides estimate for your project, depending upon area zip-code you provide. (This feature is available only for US zip-codes.)

It takes into account estimated cost of materials and cost of labor. Note that this is an estimate and gives you a general idea about the project cost. Actual cost depends on seasonal labor costs, additional complexities specific to your project, and additional work that may need to be done to prepare the work area for the project.

Here is before and after view of the front yard, re-imagined with DreamzAR.

Try DreamzAR app today

It's easy to visualize your imagination with DreamzAR - all you need is your iPhone or iPad, and of course, your imagination. Try DreamzAR today. Download on Apple App Store.

Download DreamzAR app on Apple App Store

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