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DreamzAR's latest release is more efficient than ever before

DreamzAR App uses Augmented Reality - a technology which creates digital overlays on top of physical world. Placing digital overlays involves :

  1. Capture Live Video of the real world

  2. Process each frame in the video to detect depth, light and general orientation

  3. Process each frame to detect objects (Computer Vision/Machine Learning)

  4. Placement of 3 Dimensional objects and textures

Each of these steps could potentially consume more CPU and Memory of the device. The goal is to reduce as much overhead as possible so that the app can be used longer without draining device battery.

The latest release of DreamzAR brings quite a lot of improvements to the app's design. It's important the app continues to work on older devices (which have less amount of CPU capacity, GPU capabilities and available memory for running apps). App needs to consume as less amount of CPU/Memory as possible to ensure the device retains its battery for long and the most importantly, CPU is available for other apps on the device.

DreamzAR 1.7 release brings following improvements:

Memory footprint reduction

Every 3D virtual object placed is created using a 3 Dimensional mesh of vertices. Vertices are connected to form polygons (typically triangles) which form the surfaces of virtual objects. More the polygons, higher the quality/look and feel of the object. But it also means, it requires higher memory to hold the object's geometry.

The latest release of DreamzAR has significant reduction in the polygon count for its 3D objects, without compromising the quality of the objects. Smaller the object sizes, higher the number of objects you can add to your design.

Runtime performance improvement

Video Format

Higher the resolution of the video, higher is the size of each video frame. It mean we need more memory to hold the frame and more CPU to process the frame.

The latest release of DreamzAR uses optimal video format for the AR Session so that quality of the experience is not affected but you get higher performance on your device.

Making Shadows Optional

Virtual Objects appear realistic when there is "light" in the scene and virtual objects cast shadows. Calculating shadows is requires higher memory and results into higher CPU utilization. While shadows make the scenes look great, the performance overhead could be taxing for some older devices.

The latest release of DreamzAR gives full control over shadows. Enable or disable them with one tap.

Usability improvements

Based on customer feedback, we have made quite a few usability enhancements.

Visual Cues when scanning for flat surfaces/adding ground covers

DreamzAR app uses Augmented Reality for landscape design. First step in design process is to scan the flat surfaces around you so that you can overlay digital objects (plants, ground covers, and garden features)

Adding Ground Covers

Draw and Undo buttons have larger size, making it easier to work when adding ground covers to your design.

Deleting ground covers

Long pressing ground cover with two fingers will remove it from the design. Alternatively, you can also open the list of ground covers from the side-buttons menu and swipe left to delete the ground cover.

Onboarding Tutorial

Onboarding tutorial includes details about how Landscape Design is done using DreamzAR. It introduces all the tools and functions provided by DreamzAR in few short videos.

Step by Step Practice Guide

New to Augmented Reality or landscape design? No problem. Practice as much as you like with this step by step practice guide. Get to know DreamzAR tools and functionalities and try creating landscape design for your home's outdoor space.


The latest release of DreamzAR is efficient than ever before. Try it today. Download on Apple App Store.

Tell us about your experience with the latest DreamzAR version. If you run into any issues while using the app, reach out to us. We take our customers' feedback very seriously, and actively include the enhancements in newer versions. Don't forget to checkout our support page for additional resources.

Have a great day!

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