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DreamzAR's global plants collections

DreamzAR App : Landscape Design Collections
DreamzAR App has 15 Landscape Design Collections with more than 1700 plants to choose from.

With the release of v2.3, DreamzAR has added 1700+ new plants across 15 collections.

Every collection has at least 20 plants/trees, with at least 3 variants (as per their age-maturity/seasons). If you desire a specific look for your yard, and want to visualize how would it look in different seasons, you can pick a plant/tree and see how it looks in Summer vs Autumn.

Here are the all the collections. Click on each link to see list of plants/trees included in each one of them.

  1. Autumn (Fall colors)

  2. Japan

  3. Europe

  4. Oceania (New Zealand, Australia and more from the pacific region)

  5. Tropical

  6. Blossoms (Spring colors)

  7. Flowers

  8. Fruit Trees

  9. Landscaping Hedges

  10. Mediterranean

  11. North America - East

  12. North America - West

  13. USA - Southwest

  14. North America - Conifers

  15. Shrubs

DreamzAR app is free to download and try. To get you started, app offers many free plants/shrubs/garden features to try. Search "free" in the catalog search page and use items as many times as you please.

Try it today.

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