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DreamzAR AI Landscape Design Idea Generator is Now Online

What a way to start the year 2024 with the biggest update of the DreamzAR Landscape Design App!

We are very excited to announce that DreamzAR's AI Landscape Design Idea Generator is now available online. About a year ago, we launched AI features in the DreamzAR App on iOS. Since then, it has been our desire to deliver the same set of AI features to our customers on Android or those who prefer to use the desktop version.

We've put in significant effort to integrate AI features into the platforms used by our customers. We believe AI is revolutionizing the world of landscape design, empowering creativity and boosting productivity for everyone.

More ways to design your yard's landscape with AI

DreamzAR AI Landscape Design Idea Generator
DreamzAR AI Landscape Design Idea Generator

Simple Hassle-free Sign-up

Slick Design Editor

Whether you are using DreamzAR on a mobile browser or a desktop/PC, it works seamlessly. Its responsive design enables you to work from the device of your choice. The editor offers a wide array of options that serve as inputs for the AI model.

DreamzAR's responsive design allows users to access and use the landscape design tool smoothly on both mobile devices and desktop computers, providing a consistent and user-friendly experience regardless of the platform they choose. This adaptability is crucial for accommodating users with different preferences and devices.

There are two basic ways to generate novel landscape design ideas.

Design Your Yard With a Photo

Start with the photo of your yard and select from variety of design options. AI model will take your selections and render a new design overlaid on the photo of your yard.

Design your yard with just its photo
Design your yard with just its photo

Imagine Hundreds of Landscape Design Ideas Without a Photo

Unlock unlimited creativity and brand new design ideas by simply asking what you would like to see in your ideal landscape design. The tool will generate myriad of design idea renders for you.

Explore endless creative design options with AI
Explore endless creative design options with AI

Experience the Future of Landscape Design with DreamzAR's AI Idea Generator!

We're thrilled to introduce you to our cutting-edge AI landscape design tool. Take it for a spin and share your feedback on how we can make it even better!



Can I modify the AI-generated designs to suit my space better?

Absolutely! The AI-generated designs serve as a starting point for you to customize further. You can adjust elements such as plants, pathways, and structures to better fit your vision and the layout of your space.

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