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DreamzAR - a free yard design app to get you started with DIY Landscape Design

DreamzAR App is a DIY Landscape Design app which helps homeowners take a shot at visualizing a better outdoor space for their homes. It's completely free to try, using just your iPhone or iPad. (Android version doesn't exist yet but if there is enough interest, we will build one. Let us know if you're interested by filling up feedback form.)

What's included in free version?

DreamzAR is a new way to visualize landscape around your home. So its important the free version of the app gets you started with basic things. All tools included in the app can be tried for free.

  1. Features included in free versions and limits

    1. Measure square and linear feet with built-in tool

    2. Create, Save and load project (it allows you to save 1 project, iterate over it multiple times)

    3. Take as many screenshots of your design

    4. Get 3 project estimates as you iterate over your project design

    5. Simulate different time of the day with realistic shadow control

    6. Make your design come to life with animation feature"

  2. Available catalog items

    1. 1 item each from mulch, lawn, paving stones and landscaping rocks

    2. 2 plants

    3. 1 tree

If you're happy with free version, you have option to purchase full version of the app.

What do you get with full version when you purchase?

If you like what you see in the free version, you have option to make an in-app purchase. This one time in-app purchase unlocks everything the app has to offer.

As of this writing, the catalog has:

  • More than 50 plants, shrubs, grasses and trees

  • More than 50 patterns of ground cover textures

  • More than 12 garden elements like benches, fences, pergolas etc

With full version you get unlimited access to entire catalog. We're adding more items each month.

Ready to try DreamzAR on your iPhone or iPad?

Get an ultimate DIY Landscape Design experience with Augmented Reality. Try DreamzAR today

Download Free DreamzAR App on Apple App Store

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