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DreamzAR v1.10 with new design tools for DIY Landscape Design is now available

We're pleased to announce availability of the latest version of DreamzAR App on Apple App Store.

What's in the latest release?

  • Introducing Predefined Shapes for ground covers

    • Rectangle, Square, Circle, Half-circle in addition to drawing a custom shape

    • Rotate, Scale and Move predefined shapes to make sure you have an excellent fit to actual work area.

  • Manage Downloaded Catalog Items from Settings page. Remove items if running low on your device storage. Download them again when you need them

  • Miscellaneous usability fixes based on customer feedback

    • Reduction in overall application file size. Large 3D virtual objects can be downloaded and managed locally. You can delete them anytime if your device is running low on storage, and download them again anytime. (Use Wi-Fi for optimum download experience)

    • General usability improvements across the app

  • More video tutorials added to app

    • Interacting with ground covers (predefined shapes) - Rotate, Move, Scale and Delete with touch gestures

    • Interacting with ground covers (custom drawing) - Rotate, Move, Scale and Delete with touch gestures

    • Interacting with 3D objects - Rotate, Move, Scale and Delete with touch gestures

Go ahead, give it a try today. Download DreamzAR App on Apple App Store

Got feedback for us?

Tell us about your experience with the latest DreamzAR version. If you run into any issues while using the app, please use the Help page in the app to reach out to us. We take our customers' feedback very seriously, and actively include the enhancements in newer versions.

Don't see a catalog item that you're looking for? Let us know. We are continuously expanding our catalog of high quality landscape design elements and will prioritize your request. Email us at or fill up a feedback form.

Why should you use DreamzAR App for yard design?

DreamzAR app blends augmented reality technology, high quality 3D models of plants, trees, garden elements like benches, pergolas, arbors, high quality textures for ground covers like different kinds of mulch, paving stones, lawn, and landscaping rocks.

With just your smart phone, you can now visualize your home's outdoor space. DreamzAR gives you all the tools you need to try it yourself before you engage the landscaping contractor.

As a homeowner, you now have a DIY way to design outdoor space around you. With the DreamzAR app, you can use your iPhone or iPad’s camera for creating unique landscape designs for your home. Design your home’s driveway, front yard, or backyard using augmented reality (AR) technology. Share the completed project design with your landscaping pro and make your dream project a reality.

What exactly DreamzAR App contain?

The app includes the following features to assist you in landscape design:

Tools for creating landscape designs

- Built-in tool to measure the area (sq. feet) and perimeter (linear feet) of the physical surfaces as you mark the work area outline. No tape measure is needed at all

- Editing tools for creating your landscape design - draw ground cover boundaries, move, re-size and rotate 3D Virtual Objects

- Save your project in progress and resume it later

Ever expanding collection of landscape design elements

- Collection of ground cover textures like mulch, lawn grass, landscaping rocks and artificial turf

- Collection of various colored and textured paving stones (pavers) to add to your landscape design (50 Patterns)

- Collection of 52 high-quality plants, shrubs, trees, hedges, and grasses

- Collection of a variety of garden features like picket fences, benches, arbors, and pergolas

Cost estimates

- Get an estimate for your project (Feature available only for USA ZIP Codes)

Features that make DIY Landscape Design bit more fun

- Animate your landscape design with animation control. See your new design coming to life in real-time. Record using the device's screen capture button

- Simulate different times of the day with realistic shadow control

- Take a screenshot of your design and save it to Photos. Revisit and iterate over the design as many times as you want

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