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3 Ways the DreamzAR App Can Help You Create Your Perfect Landscape Design

Creating the perfect landscape design for your home can be a challenging and time-consuming process, but the DreamzAR app makes it easy and fun! With its unique features that allow users to visualize and design their dream landscape, the DreamzAR app provides three main tools for users to choose from:

  1. 2D design with photos and 2D assets,

  2. 3D design with augmented reality (AR), and

  3. an AI-powered landscape design ideas generator.

In this post, we'll delve deeper into each of these tools and explore how they can help you create your perfect landscape design.

2D Design with Photos and 2D Assets

The 2D design tool allows users to use their own photos as a starting point and then add 2D assets such as plants, shrubs, pergolas, fences, and more to create a custom design. The app includes a wide variety of 2D assets to choose from, and users can easily move and resize these assets to create their desired layout.

This is a great way for users to experiment with different design ideas and see how they would look in their own space, as the app overlays the design onto the user's photo. It's an easy and convenient way to try out different ideas and see how they might work in your own backyard or front yard.

3D Design with Augmented Reality

For a more realistic visualization of your design ideas, the DreamzAR app also includes an AR feature. This allows users to see their design in 3D, as the app uses 3D models of the plants and other assets to create a more lifelike image. This is helpful for getting a better sense of how the design will look in your space, as the 3D models can be placed directly in your environment and viewed from different angles.

In addition to the 3D models, users can also add 2D textures for ground covers such as mulch, paving stones, and grass to further customize their design. This allows users to see how their design will look with different types of ground cover and choose the one that best fits their style and needs.

AI-Powered Landscape Design Ideas Generator

If you're not sure exactly what you want or you're looking for inspiration, the DreamzAR app's AI-powered landscape design ideas generator is here to help. Simply describe the type of landscape design you're imagining, and the generator will come up with ideas that match your vision. Check this page for more ideas.

Users can input various preferences like type of the yard, desired garden style and many more choices and the generator will generate customized design ideas that take these factors into account. This is a great tool for users who might be feeling stuck or who want to explore a wider range of options.


In conclusion, the DreamzAR app is a versatile and user-friendly tool that offers multiple ways for users to create their perfect landscape design. Whether you prefer to experiment with different ideas in 2D, see your design come to life in 3D with AR, or get custom ideas from the AI-powered generator, the DreamzAR app has something for everyone. So why wait? Download the DreamzAR app today and start creating your dream landscape!

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